Drama is enjoyed by all Year 7 and 8 students at Formby High School and is one of our most popular GCSE and A Level chosen options. At all levels we aim to encourage a love of theatre and to develop an understanding of theatre history, theatrical conventions, forms and style for all of our students.

We create a challenging, passionate and positive atmosphere in which our students can develop their performance and communication skills, experiment with original ideas and feel confident in their own abilities. This prepares them for entry into the top Drama schools, for university/ higher education courses and apprenticeships or for the world of work as confident, articulate, enlightened and enthusiastic young adults.

The department has an extensive extra-curricular calendar and we also have an enthusiastic Technical Theatre Crew drawn from all year groups who volunteer to be trained in lighting, sound and stage production.

Theatre trips and visits to theatres across the country to see Drama productions of diversity and quality form an important part of our formal studies and extra-curricular timetable, with an annual visit to The Globe Theatre in London one of the highlights of the Year13 calendar.

Key Stage 3 Drama