Post 16 Catch Up Funding 

Formby High School will use the funding to provide mandatory extra tuition sessions for eligible students across the academic year. Priority will initially be given to students without a grade 4 in GCSE English Language or GCSE Mathematics, to support them in their preparation for taking their Mathematics GCSE examinations in November 2023. Following this, we have several students in Year 13 who have been identified as meeting the ‘disadvantaged’ criteria and whose progress is below expectations. In all cases, we will source blocks of tuition from MyTutor and sessions will be timetabled in one hour sessions across the course of a ten week window based on the needs of the individual student. In nearly every case, the students will be in receipt of one-to-one support but where it is possible to deliver tuition to small groups (of less than 5) then we may pursue this option. It is our intention to support students following both A Level and Vocational & Technical courses.

FHS 16-19 Bursary Fund Guidelines

Formby High School receives an allocation of funds which we have a duty to ensure is spent in ways which help break down the financial barriers and deal with the costs of remaining in further education. We would really encourage those that may be eligible to submit an application and receive support to enhance their learning opportunities over the course of their Sixth Form studies. Details of eligibility and how to apply are contained below.

Eligibility and Criteria

There are three ways in which you may be considered for the Bursary Funds:

Category A: Mandatory Bursary

Students will qualify for this bursary if they fall into one of the following categories:

  • A young person in care
  • A care leaver
  • A young person in receipt of Income Support or Universal Credit in their own name
  • A disabled learner in receipt of Employment and Support Allowance/or Universal Credit and Disability Living Allowance/ or Personal Independence Payments

Students must provide official confirmation of their eligibility for the Mandatory Bursary, for example a letter from the Local Authority. The student must also be aged below 19 on 31 August before the academic year they require the Bursary for to qualify.

Students who fall into the above categories will be eligible to receive a bursary of up to £1,200 a year. This will be paid half termly via BACS direct into the student account in instalments of up to £150.

Category B: Discretionary Bursary

Eligibility for the Discretionary Bursary takes into account various aspects of family income and evidence of this will be required to process applications. For 2023-24, the threshold of household income to be eligible is up to £25,000 per annum or less. Evidence could include: receipt of benefit and/or P60, Tax Credit Award Notice or evidence of self-employment income. Students will have to reapply in Year 13 for this bursary updating their evidence for qualification.

Discretionary bursaries can only be spent on certain items which are deemed to be essential to their studies; examples of these are not limited to but include:

  • Stationery
  • Equipment
  • Books
  • UCAS/University visits or interviews
  • Associated costs supporting any other post-18 destination (such as transport for interviews for employment or apprenticeship)
  • Educational visits to support learning
  • Transport to and from Sixth Form, work placement and work experience
  • School lunch (whilst on school premises)
  • Lunches for work placement and school authorised work experience
  • Laptop Computers (loaned from the school)

Any direct bursary payments will be made via BACS direct into the student account. However, in some cases it may well be that students have to claim back the funds showing evidence via receipt or that orders are placed through school in order to purchase items on the student’s behalf. See appendix one for further details about this.

Category C: Hardship Funds

Students who may not fall into the above categories but who are experiencing financial hardship due to current/changed circumstances or with an exceptional situation can ask for support.  They will need to provide a letter in writing explaining their need and may be asked to provide additional supporting evidence where necessary.

Terms and Conditions

Student may only apply for one type of bursary and if successful, must adhere to our agreed conditions in order to receive any payments.

These are:

  • Attendance to be at 100% (excluding authorised absences)
  • Demonstrating appropriate standards of behaviour as part of the Sixth Form Agreement
  • Providing necessary documentation of expenses where applicable for example receipts

It is important claimants understand that the Bursary Fund cannot be used to support personal living costs but should only seek to support them in accessing further educational activities.

The School reserves the right to seek the return of any funds provided in advance, for example: for the purchase of a transport pass, to a student who subsequently fails to attend or leaves the Sixth Form.

Application Process

All applications for Bursary Fund payments are to be made to the Sixth Form Office.

To apply for a Bursary please complete the application form and return either via email at [email protected] or to the Sixth Form Office by Friday 24 September 2021.

You will then receive a letter confirming your bursary status.   Applicants should ensure that they include all the required evidence prior to submitting the application form in order to allow for timely decisions to be made. If you have any queries about the process or evidence needed then please contact either the Sixth Form Team or the Finance Department for assistance.

Please keep any receipts for transport or items purchased in the meantime as if you are eligible and have proof of purchase we can reimburse these costs.

It is important to note that you can apply for a bursary at any time, for example if your household circumstances change during the academic year.


Examples of items funded by bursary Methods of payment / claim
Stationery Students to claim a BACS payment having evidenced proof of purchase
Equipment* Student should provide a list of necessary items to the Sixth Form Team to process a purchase order
Books* Student should provide a list of titles to the Sixth Form Team to process a purchase order
UCAS/University visits or interviews** Student to claim a BACS payment having evidenced proof of expenses such as transport, food, clothing or accommodation
Other post-18 destinations support** Student to claim a BACS payment having evidenced proof of expenses such as transport, food, clothing or accommodation
Educational visits** Student should speak to a member of the Sixth Form Team about the trip(s) in order for us to process an internal transfer
Transport*** Student to claim a BACS payment having evidenced proof of purchase
School lunch Student to obtain from Sixth Form Common Room or School Dining Room each day and costs will be covered for up to £3
Lunches for work placements Student to claim a BACS payment having evidenced proof of purchase
Laptop Computers* Student should speak to a member of the Sixth Form Team to request a laptop computer so a purchase order can be processed

*Where applicable items purchased here should be returned to Sixth Form upon completion of courses

**Costs here will be capped to £200

***Term time travel arrangements, school holidays excluded

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