At FHS we understand the very real and present threat and risks drug taking poses to the young people in our community.  We acknowledge too that this is a growing concern with drugs being far too easily accessible and intend to do everything we can to support our school community to make informed decisions and fully understand the risks involved.  At FHS we are resolute in our aim to safeguard the young people in our care.  As educators we are committed to working in very close partnership with parents to provide as much guidance and support as possible to ensure our young people make informed decisions and to prevent the likelihood of them taking drugs.

What is FHS doing to challenge this issue?

Through our RESPECT Curriculum, we deliver drugs education to students and we often engage with outside agencies to deliver workshops and assemblies to further educate students on the perils and risks of drug use.  In addition, we have a clear Drugs Policy at Formby High School which sets out our expectations and the potential consequences for any contravention of this policy.  We recognise that the menace of readily available drugs to teenagers is increasing and we are, therefore, currently reviewing both our drugs education programmes and our policy to ensure that these both evolve to keep pace with the changing demands and pressures that young people face.

A Five Minute Briefing for Parents

The info graphic below provides a quick and comprehensive snapshot of key information relating to drugs (click on the image to access the full document).

Parent Action on Drugs (PAD)

Parent Action on Drugs (PAD) provides useful information specifically designed to help parents better understand the challenges, pressures and threats facing their child(ren) with regards to drugs.  Whilst Canada based, the information is current and fact based and very relevant.

External Sources of Support

There are several nationally recognised organisations which provide excellent support and information to young people and their families regarding drugs:

  • Addaction – services for young people who are dependent on drugs and their families
  • Adfam – support and information for family and friends of people with drugs problems
  • Frank – information about recreational drugs and a free 24 hour helpline
  • Drugwise – information about drugs

We’re Here for You


Where do I go for help?


You can speak to any adult at FHS who wears a green lanyard and they will know how to help.

The following staff members would be the ideal first points of contact for you.

Pastoral Support
Pastoral Support Team
Climate For Learning Leaders
Form Tutors

Designated Safeguarding Leads
Mrs Blanchard (DSL)
Mrs Edey (Deputy DSL)
Mrs Harrison-Forsyth (Deputy DSL)
Miss K MacDougall (Deputy DSL)
Mrs Taylor (Deputy DSL)


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