Key Stage 5 Achievement Bands

In connection with the ongoing changes to our assessment, recording and reporting schedule, from September 2020 every student in Year 12 will be given achievement band targets and future progress will be reported in line with these.

The achievement bands will relate to expected grades in GCE A-level subjects and/or Vocational Technical Qualifications (VTQs), and are assigned based on student performance at Key Stage 4. Students will typically be given the same achievement band for all subjects in the different types of qualification.

The move to achievement bands should make it a lot easier for students to assess how they are performing across all subjects. Key Stage 5 target grades should provide a level of challenge to all students; however, there is also a need for them to be realistically achievable. The new achievement bands provide all students with two grades to aim for, with even the lower grade allowing for substantial progress between Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5. Moreover, they do not place a cap on what is realistically achievable and provide a level of aspiration free of the downsides a single aspirational target.

The achievements bands are calculated by using Key Stage 4 prior attainment data and are as follows:

The SPRs issued from 2020-21 will provide progress indicators and judgements will be based on a number of things, such as formal assessments, contributions in lessons, independent study and the quality of written work. The progress indicators will be used to record how students are progressing in relation to their achievement band.