At Formby High School we promote a highly inclusive, supportive environment where each of our students can flourish. The Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Department is an integral part of supporting our students to develop and progress academically, personally and socially. We firmly believe that provision for students with SEND is the responsibility of the whole school and our ambition for all our young people with SEND are central to this.

Students may need extra support due to a variety of reasons here at Formby High School. We aim to help to remove any barriers to a student’s learning and provide them with the support they need during their time with us. We are dedicated to ensuring that students are supported in an inclusive way through a range of provisions which enable them to achieve the best possible outcomes and reach positive destinations in their adult lives.

As a highly inclusive school with a large and diverse population of learners with SEND, our inclusive curriculum enables us to support our students to become independent learners with a wealth of life skills to prepare them for their Post-16 courses, and beyond.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) support at Formby High School follows a Graduated Approach to meeting the additional needs of our students. Our approaches to SEND enable students to receive the level of support they need through either our Universal, Enhanced or Personalised offers.

To read more about our Graduated Approach, please see below.


SEND Department


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01704 873100


[email protected]


Key Contacts


Mrs Warwick

Assistant SENDCO
Mrs Dakin

Personalised Curriculum Teacher
Mrs Bevan
Mrs Schanze

SEND Support Supervisor
Mrs Hall

Teaching Assistants
Ms Alexander
Miss Ashcroft
Mrs Biddlecombe
Mrs Bohan
Mrs Browne
Ms Burden
Ms Carragher
Mrs Duckworth
Ms Ennis
Mr Forden
Mrs Forden
Ms Green
Mrs Guy
Mrs Middleton
Mrs Moxon
Ms Murphy
Mrs Parnell
Mrs Redmond
Ms Roberts
Ms Rymill
Mrs Simmons

SEND Administrator
Mrs Atkinson


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