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Whether you are a current, future or prospective parent, we appreciate how important it is for you to be able to measure and monitor the school’s performance. The Department for Education publishes Performance Tables which enable parents to review, in considerable detail, the quality of provision, performance and achievement at Formby High School. This tool also helps you to compare schools with local, regional and national schools’ performance.

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Important Information from the DfE regarding Performance Tables:

Performance measures based on qualification results from 2022/23 cannot be directly compared to measures from 2021/22. This is because a different grading approach was used in 2021/22, to take account of the impact of the pandemic.

In 2022/23 there was a return to pre-pandemic standards for GCSEs, AS and A levels, with protection built into the grading process to recognise the disruption that students have faced. For VTQs that are taken alongside, or instead, of GCSEs and A levels, there was also a return to pre-pandemic standards in 2022/23. For many students, results from 2021/22 adapted assessments were used towards qualifications in 2022/23.

More information on qualification grading approaches for this year and last year can be found at Exam results 2023: 10 things to know about GCSE, AS and A level grades – The Ofqual blog and Vocational and technical qualifications grading in 2023 – The Ofqual blog

There are also other factors affecting 2022/23 performance measures, following the COVID-19 pandemic, which should be considered when using secondary performance measures. These include:

  • 2022/23 performance measures may include some qualification grades that were awarded in 2021/22 using a different grading approach.
  • Results achieved between January 2020 and August 2021, by pupils included in 2022/23 measures, are not included in the calculations.
  • The ongoing uneven impacts of the pandemic on different schools/ colleges and pupils.

For more information on how we calculate performance measures, and the factors affecting measures for 2022/23, please see the KS4 technical guide.

Performance data should be considered alongside a range of other information about the school or college, which could include looking at school or college websites, reading Ofsted reports, and speaking to the school or college directly. Conclusions should not be drawn on a single piece of data alone.


Summary of Year 11 (GCSE) Academic Performance 2022/2023

Formby High School Sefton LA National
% GCSEs graded 7+ 27
% GCSEs graded 5+ 61
% GCSEs graded 4+79 79 58 65
Attainment 8 Score 51.7 41.9 46.2
% Students achieving grade 5 or above in English and Mathematics 49 36 45
English Baccalaureate (E-Bacc) average points score 4.3 3.56 4.05
% Students achieving grade 5 or above in the EBACC suite of subjects 6 10 17


GCSE Results Press Release – click the image below to read the full release.


Summary of Year 13 (A Level/Vocational Technical Qualifications) Academic Performance

A Level and VTQ Results Press Release – click the image below to read the full release.



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