Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) provision at Formby High School provides a graduated approach to meeting the additional needs of our students.

We are a highly inclusive school with a range of provisions to support our learners with SEND. Our inclusive curriculum enables us to support our students to become independent learners with a wealth of life skills to prepare them for their Post-16 courses, and beyond.

Our approaches to SEND enable students to receive the level of support they need through either our Universal, Enhanced or Personalised offers.


The majority of our learners who have an additional need are supported through High Quality Teaching across the school. Through universal support, adaptions are embedded into the daily learning environment enabling progress to be made. It is our aim to have strong High Quality Teaching so that the majority of students are supported through our strong curriculum and the adaptions staff embed into daily practice.

For a group of students with SEND an enhanced level of additional or different support is from that provided to all students through High Quality teaching is needed to enable students to progress in one or more of the following areas:

  • Cognition & Learning
  • Communication & Interaction
  • Social, Emotional and Mental Health
  • Sensory and or Physical

Through our enhanced support, teachers tailor their teaching and learning environment to meet the needs of these learners who are identified as having SEND.

For a smaller number of students, personalised provisions are needed on a daily basis to enable them to engage with learning and accelerate progress. Students who receive personalised support usually have an Educational Health and Care Plan which outlines their needs and the support they need. The school have bespoke curriculum and holistic provisions in place to meet the identified needs of these students.

Additional Interventions
Our priority is for students to be in their classroom learning environments receiving high quality teaching from subject specialists. There are however some occasions when understanding or skills need to be explicitly taught and practised in a different environment through short term intervention support. Where this is needed students will receive a short, targeted intervention outside of the main classroom environment, tailored to mee the needs of those participating.

Reasonable Adjustments
Within our Behaviour Policy, Reasonable Adjustments are highlighted as a key area of support. It is our intention that students with disabilities are not substantially disadvantaged as a direct result of these. Our Reasonable Adjustments are part of our High Quality Teaching and support. They are not exclusive to students on the school’s SEND Register. Where a Reasonable Adjustment is made, staff will identify this on Class Charts.

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Mrs Warwick

Assistant SENDCO
Mrs Dakin

Personalised Curriculum Teacher
Mrs Bevan
Mrs Schanze

SEND Support Supervisor
Mrs Hall

Teaching Assistants
Ms Alexander
Miss Ashcroft
Mrs Biddlecombe
Mrs Bohan
Mrs Browne
Ms Burden
Ms Carragher
Mrs Duckworth
Ms Ennis
Mr Forden
Mrs Forden
Ms Green
Mrs Guy
Mrs Middleton
Mrs Moxon
Ms Murphy
Mrs Parnell
Mrs Redmond
Ms Roberts
Ms Rymill
Mrs Simmons

SEND Administrator
Mrs Atkinson


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