As part of a project commissioned by Liverpool Biennial and Liverpool BID company, artist Alicja Biala created three totems for the Liverpool Biennial which have been proudly installed outside the Liver Building on the Liverpool waterfront for the past 18 months.   Each totem visualises the rising sea levels  across Merseyside (Liverpool, Birkenhead and Formby), predicted by scientists based on the rate of climate change and emissions, for 2080 – the year Liverpool will celebrate its 200th anniversary as a city.  The rusted portion of each totem represents the percentage of land in that area that will be within the flood zone, with the painted portion at the top visualising the percentage of land which will remain above the flood zone.

FHS students from Art, Geography, and DT/Engineering took part in workshops with the artists and engineers to learn about how the project uses the data as creative inspiration, explored structural techniques to create 2m high ‘mini’ versions in school, visited the Foundry in Liverpool to observe the casting process and attended the unveiling.   Earlier this week, we were delighted to welcome the Formby totem to its new home, taking pride of place at the entrance of our school campus.  Students are now working with Alicja to repurpose a third totem to create useful pieces which will be used to enhance the campus, with ideas including chairs, tables, bins and beehives!  The students across these three subject areas have been inspired to develop further curriculum links around the project and explore further collaborations!  More information about Alicja’s ‘Totemy’ project can be found here:



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