Year 8 took part in a Public Speaking Competition during the Spring term, with the first round starting in their English lessons.  Each teacher then nominated students to go through to the final.  13 students competed in the grand final which took place in the school hall with Mrs Hughes and Mrs Grant, delivering speeches on a range of issues about which they felt strongly.  Mrs Hughes said, “It was lovely to hear the students speak so passionately and eloquently about topics such as equality; mental health awareness; racism in football; statues to racist historical figures; the impact of social media and climate change.  It was also wonderful to be entertained on subjects as diverse as the need for more computer based English lessons (to prevent sore hands); the problem with VAR and the burning injustice of adults who are bossy to children!”.  It was a fabulous event and a great opportunity for students to practise oracy skills essential in the modern world.  The students all received an Easter egg and a certificate, and the winner was presented with an Amazon voucher in the Year 8 assembly this week.  Well done to all involved!


  1. Evelyn  (unconscious prejudice)
  2. Mikey (bossy adults)
  3. Harry (impact of social media)



  • George W
  • Niamh N
  • Layla R
  • Oliver M
  • Jack R
  • Hugo D
  • Faith C
  • Savannah C
  • Liliana O
  • Harry G
  • Steven F



Friendships for Life


High aspirations


Sense of community