Throughout this week, our ‘Thought for the Day’ programme has reflected upon the Holocaust as the world marked Holocaust Memorial Day together on Thursday 27 January.  In addition, on Wednesday 26 January students in the Year 8 Multi Genre Literature Group participated in a writing workshop focusing on Holocaust Memorial Day. They read a selection of extracts from Anne Frank’s diary and considered the experiences shared by Holocaust survivors.  Students wrote poetry and letters in tribute to Anne Frank and the Holocaust victims sharing their views.

Here are just a few of their fantastic pieces…

Dear Anne,

I am writing to you to deliver good and bad news. You don’t know who I am, but almost everybody knows who you are. You may not have dreamed to be famous but many people have learned from your diary. You even have your own museum!

Though I am sure this feels like an invasion of your privacy, I think your father wanted to people to learn from the mistakes of the past by publishing it.

I regret to inform things are far from perfect. People still suffer discrimination because of their: gender, religion, beliefs or who they love…The more people express individuality the more ignorant and selfish people try to put them down.

There is still hope though. Our generation still learn about you and your story and those who survived the horrors. I hope one day your wish for peace and tranquillity will come true.

Yours sincerely,


Dear Anne,

It has been years since your death, nearly 100 and yet you are still at the forefront of our minds when we think of the Holocaust and WW2. I know this wasn’t entirely your intention when you write that famous diary. It is almost as if you knew…it is now one of the most famous books in history.

I feel ashamed to say that little has changed. People are still the victims of anti-Semitism but we would like to think views are changing with each generation. I am not going to sit here in my neat blazer and shiny shoes and tell you I know what you went through, nobody can imagine the horror and heartache. Your diary brings your story to life though for me and so many others.

You were a huge part in the things that have changed. I thank you Miss Frank for fixing my future world, for your optimism and positivity despite all you were going through.

I know this letter will not reach you but part of me hopes that these words will reach you sand you can rest peacefully knowing the world is a better place than it would have been without you.


Dear Anne,

Your diary has inspired so many people and change opinions and is yet to the views of more. We need people to see the world. ..if only differently; sadly some people are still stuck in the past. Racism is still here, some people are not accepted because of their skin colour, religion or culture. If everyone read your diary and understood your message the world could change. Even though you were a young girl you made such a difference with your honesty. You will be forever remembered as powerful and brave, a beacon of hope.


To Anne Frank

As I stand in front of Auschwitz in the year 2022.

All I think of is you…

Your bravery, your optimism and everything you still do.

Your story is passed on from one generation to the next teaching millions of people about your unrest.

As I stand on the rail tracks I think to myself “He who ignores history is condemned to repeat it”.

Everyone wants to forget the horrors, I can’t say I want to remember but we must! The way to learn the truth is through those who were there.

Your diary is a comfort forever for those in despair.

By Sebastian  

Every January we will remember.

All the families and soldiers around.

The bloodshed in Auschwitz over and over.

And the battles fought in the sky and on ground.

The innocent friends and families all torn apart.

Hitler and the Nazis showing no mercy.

Forever those we lost will remain in our hearts.

It wasn’t just in Germany but near the river Mersey.

By Lennie  



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