It has been a delight to welcome the Multi Genre Literature group back this term and they have shown great enthusiasm in studying a very challenging text ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’. The class have been reading with enthusiasm and learning about the social and historical issues relating to the text around the Civil Rights movement, which has been very timely in tying in with Black History month last month.

Mrs Broomfield set the Year 8 class an assignment to explore the character of Boo Radley. She was delighted with the wonderful responses submitted including this thoughtful poem by Claudia and this creative model of the Radley House by Rebecca.  Ben drew a wonderful image; Keri created a sound journal which was innovative and haunting. It is an absolute pleasure to engage with students who are so enthusiastic in their ability to study independently and show a real love of literature.

Boo Radley Poem

Arthur Radley, a respectable fellow they said,
A boy who keeps to himself.
Though that is ‘alien to the Maycomb way’,
They all said his family made him that way.

Arthur Radley, a delinquent, they said,
A teen who has no respect.
Though the Cunninghams may be to blame,
They all said that his future was wrecked.
Arthur Radley, a criminal they said,

Arthur Radley, a criminal they said,
A juvenile who isn’t seen.
Though his friends moved on in life,
They all said his slate will never be clean.

Arthur Radley, a lunatic, they said,
An adult who corrupts his name.
Though the scissors in his hands did not kill,
They all said he was a beast who couldn’t be tamed.



Friendships for Life


High aspirations


Sense of community