Year 9 Curriculum (KS3)

Students currently in Year 9 (2019-20 school year) are following a three-year Key Stage 4 after completing an extensive GCSE options process during Year 8. These students will continue to follow a broad and balanced curriculum with some elements of individual choice. They also have time to study subject content in great depth, enabling them to develop a deep understanding and be well prepared for examinations.

From 2020-21, Year 9 students will embark upon a ‘discovery year’ where they will follow a core curriculum of English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Modern Languages (with the exception of a small cohort that is withdrawn), Religious Studies, Physical Education and RESPECT, and will have a degree of choice in terms of the remaining subjects that will make up their curriculum. Students will follow a broad and balanced curriculum but are also able to pursue particular areas of interest and experience new subjects prior to making GCSE options choices towards the end of Year 9.

The list of subjects from which students will choose comprises subjects from the Creative Arts, Business, Technology and Modern Languages, as well as courses that will appeal to the more able (for example, Latin and the Higher Project Qualification) and accredited leadership programmes in Sports Leadership and the Arts Award. Students will opt for FOUR courses and will have two lessons per fortnight in all chosen subjects for the full academic year, of which one will be a creative subject. Alongside these options, all students will be expected to choose an ICT focused subject (either Computing or Creative iMedia) and will embark on the two-year GCSE in Religious Studies for which examinations will be taken at the end of Year 10.

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