Year 9 Curriculum (KS4)

Formby High School has introduced a three-year Key Stage 4 with effect from September 2019, primarily to afford students enough time to study subject content in sufficient depth. The depth of learning will not only allow students to cover the content of the courses they study and enable them to be well prepared for examinations through robust assessment and low stakes testing, but will also enable a number of other ‘valuable extras’ to be accommodated such as more time for creative classroom approaches, as well as additional opportunities to reflect on and revisit their learning. Moreover, our students will have more time to pursue the extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities that do so much to enhance and enliven their school experience. With teachers having more opportunities to refine learning, our students can then grow in confidence and develop skills of application and flexibility of thinking. This will also help to reduce levels of anxiety and provide a healthier work-life balance, with students having more time to fully consolidate and embed what they learn.

At the beginning of Year 9, students will start a range of three year courses as they enter Key Stage 4.  Having completed an extensive options process during Year 8, they continue to follow a broad and balanced curriculum but there are some areas of individual choice. Under National Curriculum requirements there are subjects which are compulsory and which all students have to follow and, using the flexibility in the arrangements, we have built in a large degree of choice.

Please see the Year 8 Curriculum page for full information on the Options Process.

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