Year 8 Curriculum (KS3)

During Year 8, we aim to provide students with the best possible preparation for Key Stage Four within the context of a broad and balanced curriculum model. This incorporates the best teaching, subject content and skills development available to our students at a time when they must make their first serious decisions about their futures.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum Maps

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Key Stage 3 Knowledge Organisers

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Careers Guidance

To read about Careers Opportunities, please click here.


Homework Guide

Please click here to access the FHS Parents’ Guide to High School Homework.


Year 8 Options Information

During Year 8 students will begin an extensive options process to enable them to select their chosen subjects for Key Stage 4.  It is very important that as much thought as possible is given to making the most appropriate decisions. Students receive support in making their choices through a structured guidance programme.

We are fortunate that we have an excellent team of staff to support students in navigating the options process – please see the sidebar on the right hand side of this page.

We pride ourselves in providing a wide range of courses to suit every student’s individual needs. The range of courses, which include three discrete pathways for GCSE and vocational qualifications, are described in this booklet.

Parents have the opportunity to speak to staff during the Subject Consultation Evening and during the individual guidance interviews (Options Interviews) with a senior member of staff. At the end of this process, students select their options choices online; if there are any areas of concern or requiring further discussion, the student and his/her parent will be contacted by Mr Slater.