Young Scientists Visit Liverpool Uni

The STEM trip to Liverpool University was amazing. For us to experience new practicals, new equipment and to be lucky enough to use some of the best labs throughout this country is breathtaking and shows how we are so lucky to get the opportunity to experience such a great day out.  We did three captivating practicals throughout the day including Geology, Chemistry, Physics and even Astronomy. Our last practical of the day was the planetarium. This was a massive inflatable dome with a 360 degree projector in the centre of it allowing us to zoom into planets, galaxies, stars, constellations and so much more. You could set the planetarium to real time making everything we see move and light up in time with the real world, giving it a realistic feeling when sitting inside of it. This was an outstanding trip, teaching us new skills within Science. We all enjoyed the day and would be very happy to come back and experience new practicals and experiments that Liverpool University have to offer.

News piece written by C Prout (Year 9)