Happy 5th Birthday Polyglots!

Happy 5th birthday to the FHS Polyglots programme!  And what a way to celebrate; the students who were in Year 7 at the start of the progamme have now finished their GCSEs in Year 11 and in addition have collected their Polyglots early entry examination certificates along the way. This year’s cohort has achieved GCSEs in their additional languages of Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese and Dutch and have totalled 4 A*, an A and a B. Two of those students have also achieved A Levels in German and Dutch in that time – before they even begin their Sixth Form studies!  A particular mention for Julia who this year sat her GCSEs in English, Spanish and Dutch as well as taking her A Level Dutch – all in one year!

Julia said “Formby High School has been a very welcoming environment for my first year in England, after moving across the world mid-GCSEs. The polyglots system was a wonderful way for me to feel like my own language and culture was included! I recommend  any student who has the opportunity to participate in the polyglots system to do it.  My experience, challenging myself to take GCSEs and A Level in the same season has given me confidence and ambition.  I am now moving on to do A Levels and then university in the USA before I become a criminal psychologist!  Thank you to everyone at FHS for their support and, especially to the polyglots programme!”

The move into Sixth Form will now see more of this cohort taking their A Levels in their additional language as well as many who also sat their Spanish GCSE and are joining the large Spanish A Level group.  For those with a wider interest in languages there is also the ‘Polyglots Connect’ Sixth Form enrichment programme which introduces students to the varied and wonderful world of language study – from sign language and Koko the gorilla, to subtitling and sound articulation students will discover an array of linguistic topics.

Five years ago when we started the programme, our ‘Polyglot elder’ was French speaking Sixth Form student, Megan, who has now completed her degree in French and Politics at the University of Leeds and will be coming in to school, along with ex-student Jack who is going into his final year also at Leeds in Spanish and Portuguese, to speak to the new Sixth Form group about language studies and life on their respective years abroad in France and Brazil.


In total over its 5 years the Polyglots group has achieved 26 GCSE additional language qualifications, and 8 AS/ A Level qualifications.  Where will your languages take you?  “Far and wide!” it seems is the answer for our Polyglots!


Be more competitive…be a linguist!