Engineering ingenuity

Elastic strap masks have been causing major pain to the ears of medics who have to wear them for prolonged periods.  Stepping up to support, our very own Year 10 student, Thomas, has developed a great alternative.  Producing the straps on his home 3D printer, Thomas copied the initial samples from an online resource but these required modifying and he used his engineering skills to design and develop an amended design and issue further samples for testing. The feedback has been excellent and resulted in a shaped strap for the masks. So far he has produced over 220 clips.

Well done,Thomas, you’ve done a fab job!

And it’s not just Thomas involved in valuable community support at the current time. His mum is involved in a group of local residents sewing scrubs for Southport Hospital. Their work is gaining momentum with scrub suits and scrub hats now being produced through a network of hobbyist sewers and professional machinists, lay planners and factory cutters who have joined the call up for help. We must not forget the volunteer drivers without whom the project could not function.

You can find out more about this incredible effort and how you may be able to help by clicking the link below.  Those in need of supplies can also register an interest via the same link: