DofE Expeditions

Shortly before half term, 54 Year 9 students travelled to the West Pennine Moors for the weekend to complete their Bronze Practice Expedition (in preparation for their upcoming Qualifying expedition next weekend). The students had the opportunity to showcase the skills that they have learned and developed during their training sessions to navigate, walk, cook and camp over the two days. They certainly had the weather for it, basking in 20°C heat and blazing sunshine. They managed to motivate and support one another during the weekend, arriving to camp on time and impressing the assessors. Our expedition providers, AtoZ Expeditions, commended the students on their attitude and maturity, stating that they were pleased and proud with how successful the weekend had been. We now look forward to next weekend when we have both our Bronze and Gold Qualifying Expeditions out on the West Pennine Moors and Cumbria. Good luck to everyone involved – we’re supporting you all the way!

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