The Power of Words

On Monday 27 January the children in the Multi Genre Literature Group met to honour ‘Holocaust Memorial Day’ and to share their thoughts and ideas, having read a selection of challenging books connected to war and conflict. The Year 8 students were given a choice to read: ‘The Book Thief’, ‘The Old Man and the Sea’ or ‘War of the Worlds’. The Year 8 students were all paired with Year 7 students and reviewed the specific book they had read, focusing on characters, themes and how the text dealt with war, inner conflict or conflict between mankind and nature. The students were then set a challenge based on Anne Frank’s quotation “I don’t think of all the misery but of the beauty that still remains.” The students wrote an inspiring selection of poetry and letters based on this quotation to honour the survivors and those lost in the Holocaust, working in pairs across year groups. Their work was amazing and can be seen below: