Formby High School prides itself on the provision of a caring and friendly learning environment.

Our school motto is ‘determined to achieve’ and, through hard work and encouragement, our students do just that. We are recognised by Ofsted as an outstanding school and we have an impressive record of success at GCSE and A Level.

Outside the classroom our students are encouraged to take part in a wide range of community projects, extra-curricular activities, class trips and fundraising initiatives to build their confidence. In doing this they begin to take responsibility for shaping a better future for themselves, their peers and the community beyond the school walls.

The ambitions and aspirations of our students are nurtured by teaching and pastoral staff and their personal development is at the core of all that we do here. All students and staff at Formby High School strive to reach to the highest standards and that is reflected in the positive actions and behaviours that drive them to succeed.

Determination to achieve the highest standards in everything we do is not just a motto but a way of life at Formby High School.

We recognise that success is not confined to academic achievement. Finding the resilience to overcome personal obstacles, representing the school at sport, confronting your fears when stepping out on the stage for the first time, having the courage to speak out for what you believe is right, and making friends and memories that will stay with you for life are all as important as achieving academic success.

Yes, academic excellence is crucial and we are committed to helping every student push their personal boundaries and reach or exceed their potential. We are equally committed, though, to ensuring that their experience at Formby High School is one of opportunity, happiness, challenge and high aspiration.

We want our students to leave with the knowledge, skills, confidence and self-awareness that will prepare them well for the challenges, opportunities and uncertainties of later life.

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