This page is designed to provide you with all relevant information relating to the issuing of GCSE, A Level and Vocational & Technical Qualification (VTQ) results to students this summer as determined by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ).


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Results Days

Students can collect their results from the Sixth Form Centre on the following days/times:

  • Year 13 – students can collect their results from 8:30am on Tuesday 10 August 2021
  • Year 11 – students can collect their results from 8:30am on Thursday 12 August 2021
  • Year 10 – students can collect their results between 9:30am-10:30am on Thursday 12 August 2021

On both results days, members of the Sixth Form Team and the Senior Leadership Team will be present to celebrate your success and to support those of you who may require additional guidance.  Year 13 students requiring assistance with securing a university place will have access to computers and a telephone as well as plenty of staff who will be on hand to advise.  Year 11 students will be able enrol on Sixth Form courses after they have collected their GCSE results.  In addition, an independent careers adviser will be in attendance on both results days.



Whilst we are optimistic that, overall, students will receive the grades they deserve that are based on a substantial body of evidence and reflect their commitment to learning for the duration of their courses, there is a mechanism for appealing grades should they feel it is necessary to do so. Ofqual has produced a student guide which explains the appeals process and the JCQ has produced a more detailed guidance document. Both can be accessed via the images below and I would encourage you to read these documents carefully.

Stage One – Centre Review

If a student feels their grade is not the right one, they should request a centre review to check if there was a mistake in determining or submitting the grade.  If there was a mistake, school can submit a revised grade to the examination board to consider.

Stage Two – Examination Board Review

If school does not find a mistake but the student still believes that their grade is incorrect, he/she can request a formal appeal to the examination board.  If requested, school is responsible for submitting the appeal on the student’s behalf.  Students can appeal if they believe any of the following applies:

  • There was an error in the way school followed or applied its procedure for determining the grade.
  • School did not make a reasonable judgement when deciding which evidence to use to determine the grade.
  • School did not make a reasonable judgement about the grade based on the evidence gathered.

If an appeal is submitted to an examination board, school is responsible for supplying the evidence used to support the grading decision.

The deadlines for requesting a centre review and/or appeal are set out below.  The school’s internal deadlines differ to those set out by the JCQ to enable sufficient time to complete the administration for each centre review / appeal.

Deadlines for Priority Appeals

These are centre reviews / appeals for Year 13 students applying to higher education who did not get their first choice, and wish to appeal an A Level or Level 3 VTQ result.

  • Centre Review – 9:00am on Monday 16 August
  • Appeal – 9:00am on Friday 20 August

Deadlines for All Other Appeals

  • Centre Review – 9:00am on Friday 3 September
  • Appeal – 9:00am on Tuesday 14 September

For both centre reviews and appeals, students will need to complete and submit the necessary form to the Examinations and Data Department (either in hard copy or by email to [email protected]) by the deadlines set out above.

Please click on the appropriate link below to download the form for completion and return:

Students should be aware that the outcome of any appeal submitted is that the grade could go up, down, or stay the same.

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