Remote Classroom

Our Remote Classroom provides information for any student who is working from home. Our aim is to make information accessible to all parents and students to support them in working independently and successfully whilst not in school.

Remote Classroom work for students absent for Covid-related reasons (after full re-opening of schools)

Upon the full re-opening of school from w/c 8 March 2021, Remote Classroom work will be assigned for students unable to attend school due to covid-related reasons.

Key Stage Three

Please find work assignments below by subject area.

Week Commencing 14 and 21 June 2021

Week Commencing 24 May 2021 and 8 June 2021

Week Commencing 10 May 2021

Week Commencing 26 April

Week Commencing 12 April

Week Commencing 8 March:

Key Stages Four and Five

For students in Key Stage Four and Five, work will be set by their subject teachers via Class Charts.

Remote Classroom during School Closure (Jan – 8 Mar)

From week commencing 11 January, some ‘live’ lessons will begin to be delivered via Microsoft Teams for all year groups and subjects across the curriculum.  Whilst some teachers have experience of delivering in this way, this is a new approach for most and it will take time for teachers and students to get used to a different way of working.  The build-up of live lessons will be gradual and we are working towards approximately 50% of teaching and learning being delivered in this way. 

What is the Live Lesson Protocol?

We expect all students to have read and understood our new Live Lesson Protocol. This explains our common expectations around attendance, expectations and conduct during online lessons.

What is  a ‘live’ lesson?

A live lesson will be delivered by the Class Teacher to students using Microsoft Teams. Lessons will take place as they appear on students’ timetables. Some lessons may be delivered ‘lecture style’ by more than one teacher to multiple teaching groups at the same time. Invitations to join a lesson will be sent via Class Charts by individual class teachers the day before the scheduled lesson.

Important instructions for live lessons:

  1. All students must join the lesson with First name, Surname and Tutor Group (eg John  Smith 9R); teachers will not admit students unless they register in this format.
  2. At the start of each lesson, teachers will explain to students that they are not to use the Chat function unless communicating with the teacher or responding to a teacher question / instruction.

Please click here to watch a useful video on how to access live lessons from Mr Rush.

How do I access Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams can be accessed, free of charge, via your web browser or by downloading the Microsoft Teams App. Teams can be used on computers, tablets or mobile devices. To enable the live lessons to be delivered, students should ensure that the device they are using has a functioning camera, microphone and headphones/speakers.

How will lessons work?

Teachers have the flexibility to deliver their lessons in a range of formats, this may include:

  • A 45-60 minute live lesson with a range of activities, followed by a self-directed lesson at a later stage to practise or consolidate learning (set remotely using Class Charts)
  • An initial 15-20 minute teacher input followed by independent ‘offline’ work (with submission deadline)
  • A drop-in session to catch up with your teacher

What might the lesson include?

  • Sharing a PowerPoint presentation
  • Showing a Loom or YouTube video to support a particular topic
  • Using Microsoft Whiteboard or a visualiser as an interactive tool to emphasise a method, annotation or task
  • Participating in online quizzing (for example, Quizlet, Kahoot!)

How to access the school network (S:Drive)

The school website has a two click pathway to Remote File Access:


Once the Home Access Plus+ landing page loads, students should login using their network username and password – just as they would when using a computer in school.  

What if my child cannot remember his/her username and/or password?

Students can access both Class Charts and the S:drive using their normal school log in details.  These should be on stickers inside their pocket-sized Student Journals.

If a student cannot remember his/her log in details for Class Charts or the S:drive, he/she should email

Should students require help accessing a subject specific website (Active Learn, Hegarty, Seneca, BandLab etc ), they should contact their class teacher directly, via Class Charts messenger.

How can I support my son/daughter?

Please make sure he/she can work in a calm, well-organised environment with access to all stationery and equipment.  Help him/her to structure the day around his/her existing school timetable, and ensure he/she has regular breaks and plenty to eat and drink.  If your child has been unwell, please ensure he/she has recovered and is fit and well enough to commence school work.

How can parents use Class Charts to support their child(ren)?

Class Charts has become an integral part of your child’s learning. Through your parent account you can monitor the work being completed by your child and keep them on track throughout the week. You can also help to structure the time via your own Class Charts parent account.

You can find more information about Class Charts for parents on our website here. If you need your Class Charts log-in code re-issuing, please contact:

How can students submit work to their teachers if they do not have online access?

Work can be dropped off at the Main Reception, who will scan it and send on to class teachers.

What if my child has filled his/her exercise books and needs replacements?

A resource hub has been set up outside Main Reception, where you can call in and collect new books if required.

Will the school check whether my child is engaging with their work?

Teachers and Pastoral staff will keep an eye on Class Charts and Teams lessons. Anyone who fails to attend live lessons or does not engage will be identified in Class Charts accounts for parents to see. In some cases, we will contact you to discuss additional support. We would urge parents to play an important role in monitoring the work of their child.

How will you assess my child’s work and progress?

Teachers will continue a range of strategies to provide meaningful feedback to their students. This may include verbal feedback during live lessons, text feedback via Class Charts and some annotated work where required. Some online assessment and quizzing activities will also generate instant feedback for students.

How will students with additional needs be supported at home to access remote education?

Where possible, we are working with parents to bring those students with an EHCP into school. However, where this might not be possible, staff from the SEND department are in regular contact to support students learning from home.

Open School Provision

In order to book your place at Open School, you will need to ensure that you are registered as a critical worker with the school. Bookings for Open School are made via the Eventbrite booking system (registered parents will be sent the link via ParentMail). 

In Government guidance issued to schools on 7 January 2021, it made it clear that parents who are critical workers should keep their children at home if they can.  To help us prevent Open School becoming overwhelmed, please consider very carefully if your child(ren) can safely stay at home and only book a place if absolutely necessary. 

Where we have concerns that students are vulnerable we will continue to work with parents to ensure attendance at Open School. 

In Open School, children will engage with Remote Classroom and their live lessons (via Microsoft Teams). Students will be based in supervised ICT suites within their year group bubble. Students attending Open School must bring a set of headphones (wired) to enable engagement in their live lessons.

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