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“‘Fluent’ is an inhibitor, ‘functional’ is a liberator. It begins with a few words and phrases and that small investment can grow into a lifetime of interest, employment and opportunity.” John Worne (British Council)

Do you speak a language other than English at home?

Or would you like to independently learn some basic conversation in another language such as Mandarin, Korean or Italian?

You could be one of our Polyglots!

Have a read of our Polyglots flyer and our Sixth Form Enrichment Polyglots Connect programme flyer to find out more:

Where will languages take YOU?

What’s it like to be a ‘polyglot’ at FHS? Student quotes:

“Being a polyglot is awesome!”

“It is exciting and interesting. It’s a nice chance to meet other people in school who speak different languages.”

“Being a polyglot is really nice because you learn more things about your heritage and take part in loads of competitions and fun things.”

“It’s really helpful and we’re not expected to be fluent straight away which helps me gain confidence.”


Polyglot activities

Students across the school have had opportunities to attend small group taster sessions in languages such as Korean, Portuguese and Mandarin, as well as working with ex-students who are now studying languages at university, chatting to visiting students from Sweden, and listening to a visiting speaker’s experiences of volunteering in South America.


Polyglot News