Physical Education

Physical Education is a vital element in a comprehensive, well-balanced curriculum and can be a major contributing factor in the development of an individual in all aspects of life: physical, emotional, mental and social. Our aims are to educate students so that they make healthy lifestyle choices, for students to enjoy taking part in physical activity and for them to have the confidence to continue to take part in exercise outside of school.  We also aim to prepare them for further studies in Physical Education by focusing on sports that can be offered as part of the GCSE specification.

Physical Education allows students to develop their practical performance and cognitive skills through the form of decision making in practical situations. Students will also be encouraged to be creative and develop their leadership skills through a wide range of activities.

In terms of examination PE, we offer students the opportunity to study GCSE Physical Education, A level Physical Education and BTEC Sport level 3.

Key Stage 3

Extra Curricular Clubs

PE Kit / Missed Lessons

  • If a student is unable to do PE, they should bring in a note and they will still be expected to get changed and take on another role in the lesson, for example coach, scorer, referee. If they are unable to get changed, this also needs to be on the note.
  • If a student forgets their kit they will be provided with spare kit to wear for the lesson and they will receive a kit mark. If there is a genuine reason why a student does not have the correct kit, a note should be provided. Again, they will be provided with spare kit so they can take part in the lesson.
  • Please note, that students should wear white sports ankle socks for all activities, unless they are wearing shin pads. If they are wearing shin pads they then wear football socks (red for girls and black for boys).
  • Students who bring the correct kit all year will be issued with reward points.