Well Done Year 7

Huge congratulations to the Year 7 cast of Sleeping Beauty, this year’s panto extravaganza, for a truly outstanding production.  After four separate performances to nearly 500 people in total, the cast will no doubt feel weary but should be very proud of their performances. The hilariously funny prodcution whisked us away to King Floristan’s castle, where the evil Witch Carabosse has cursed poor Princess Aurora and only Fairy Lilac’s magic could save her from a terrible demise. Everyone deserved the rapturous applause for their outstanding performances, particularly Ioannis as the Dame Nanny, Oliver as the formidable King Floristan, Alexandra as Fairy Lilac and Kate as the wicked Carabosse, not forgetting Jake as the Prince and Emily as the Princess Beauty.   It really delights us to see how these young people (who started FHS less than four months ago) have already grown in confidence and developed such strong teamwork.  A massive thank you to the Drama department (and their army of little elves) who make these wonderful end of year festivities possible and invest much energy and humour along the way!