Tim STEPS in!

Tim, a former FHS student, who is now in his first year at Oxford University, is supporting a group of five Year 12 mathematicians who hope to apply to Oxbridge next year. He is currently preparing them for the Mathematics Admission Test (MAT) for Oxford and the Sixth Term Examination Paper for Cambridge (STEP). When giving a brief review of his work with the students, Tim explained “Due to the in depth nature of STEP, going through questions means we stumble on lots of little gaps in understanding and points of clarification that wouldn’t come out in A Level questions.  Everything we do will no doubt reflect in their A Level work. They’ll be making fewer silly mistakes and will understand the content significantly better.” So whether they sit STEP, MAT or any of the other maths exams, they’ll all definitely come out as better mathematicians!  Thank you to Tim for his valuable support!