FHS Virtual Choir Debut

Lockdown does not necessarily hinder creativity as we have seen in the news across the country and the world during the past few weeks.  FHS is no exception and bringing creativity to the fore during these challenging times, our Music Department has galvanised the school and community together to create a fantastic virtual choir over the Easter break.

The choir’s debut offers healing through the joy of music with ‘Fix You’.  Featuring a specially arranged vocal score by Mr Cook and a stunning instrumental track from Mr Heatherington, the song was recorded at home using mobile phones.  Singers were provided with voice tracks (recorded by Miss Dilworth, Mr Cook and Mr Heatherington) to learn and singalong with, which were then mixed together and added to the video montage.

We launched the song on Monday 20 April on our school YouTube channel and the team has dedicated it to everyone who is working hard to manage the challenging time in which we find ourselves.

More projects may well follow soon, so keep your eyes open for future announcements!