Careering Ahead

Last week the School Hall was absolutely buzzing with conversation as Year 9 and Year 11 students toured the ‘Careers Fair’ which featured market stalls with employers from a vast selection of industries and professions. Mrs MacDunne, Careers Coordinator, said “This event is only possible thanks to the valuable time and energy invested by the professionals who come to support FHS students as they consider their future careers or education pathways. I was delighted to see so many students engage very positively with, and ask great questions of, the visiting employers and educators.” The scope of businesses and education establishments present gave students the fantastic opportunity to ask about qualifications and requirements to enter the various professions. This event is very timely as Year 9 students begin their GCSE options selection process next week and will now be able to consider the advice from employers and universities on which subjects to consider. Equally, students in Year 11 are submitting applications for Sixth Form for September or considering employment/training, and these conversations will support them in these important decision they are faced with.