History is one of the most popular option choices at both Key Stages Four and Five, highlighting the success of our Key Stage Three programmes of study.

Our students learn about the past through a combination of thematic, depth and overview studies. Both British and world events are studied, from the Romans to the modern day. Students learn about developments in Crime & Punishment, Early Elizabethan England, Germany 1918-45 and the Cold War at Key Stage Four. For A Level, students can go on to study both Modern and Ancient History, as well as Government & Politics.

Many employers value the skills which historians develop – such as:

  • Learning about people – how they interact, the motives and emotions that can tear people apart into rival factions or help them to work together for a common cause (useful knowledge for team-building at work!)
  • Learning about countries, societies and cultures – so many of today’s conflicts and alliances have their roots in the past; how can you negotiate with, trade successfully with, or report on a country if you know nothing of its history?
  • Learning to locate and sift facts – to identify truth and recognise myth, propaganda and downright lies (useful in every aspect of life!)
  • Presenting what you’ve learned in a way that makes sense to others – whether in graphs, essays or illustrated reports – and having the confidence to defend your findings.

Useful Resources

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