FocusOn… Well-being

1-7 February is Children’s Mental Health Week!

Throughout the week the school will be working with our students to promote ways in which they can look after their mental health and well-being.

Click here to access our fabulous Well-Being Padlet!

Check out our Special Mental Health Week Newsletter below for Students …

Not forgetting our parents…

Below you will find the first in a series of Looms videos prepared by Mrs Blanchard to support student well-being during lockdown.


Please find below some helpful resources which may be of interest… just click on the image to access the full document:

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Our catering providers have generously provided some fantastic recipe ideas to help you get healthy and help your parents with the cooking at home!  Have a look, click on the image below.


In April 2020 during lockdown we launched our ‘FocusOn… Well-being’ newsletter (just click on the image below to access), designed to help you find ways to stay happy and healthy during school closure.  We hope to celebrate some of the challenges and achievements on this page in the coming days!


Well done to  our caring Year 7 student,  Freya,  who not only was able to take a stunning photograph of this red squirrel, but also recognised that the squirrel looked poorly.  Freya made the very sensible decision to take the squirrel along to the vet; perhaps she has a glimpse of her future career! Thank you, Freya, and lets hope that the squirrel makes a full recovery.

In our first FHS edition of Focus on Well-being we launched a ‘Penned in Poetry’ competition along side the national competition advertised.  We received some amazing entries and choosing a FHS winner was a very difficult task!  After some deliberating between members of the well-being team, we are delighted to announce that Hugo (Year 6 Freshfield Primary) is the winner with his poem ‘Perspectives’; Hugo was very closely followed by our very own Year 9, Leon, with his poem ‘Depressing’.  We think it’s fair to say both boys wrote poems that met the criteria of ‘penned in’ perfectly. Well done to both and we hope you are successful in the national competition.  Hugo, the winner of our first Focus On Well-Being competition, will receive a FHS £10.00 National Book Token.


Both poems are below for your reading enjoyment (just click on the image to access the poem)!