Online Safety

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Formby High School’s Online Safety Policy, and the procedures contained therein, reflect the philosophy set out in the School’s Mission Statement, particularly with reference to the provision of a ‘safe and pleasant environment for effective learning’ and ‘to foster self-esteem, mutual respect and good behaviour’.

The purpose of internet use in School is to raise educational standards, to promote student achievement, to support the professional work of staff and to enhance the School’s management information and business administration systems.  The Online Safety Policy provides a framework to help staff and students remain safe online and develop their knowledge and understanding. Those whose behaviour is unacceptable are dealt with in a firm, fair and reasonable way so as to support the staff and students as individuals, yet demonstrate clearly that certain patterns of behaviour are unacceptable.  This policy forms part of the overall arrangements for safeguarding as set out in the Safeguarding Policy. Formby High School fully recognises its responsibilities for e-safety.

All staff and students must agree to abide by the School ICT Acceptable Usage Policy prior to using any School ICT facilities.


E-Safety Guidance

The school will regularly update parents on any e-safety matters which cause concern with a view to working in partnership to safeguard the young people of Formby High School. Please find the most recent safety updates for your attention:


E-Safety Resources for Parents

UK Safer Internet

The UK Safer Internet provides very helpful information for parents, and students, around safe use of the internet.  Click the following image below for more information:


Think U Know

Think U Know is a useful website for parents to access important information, advice and guidance about how you can support your child to stay safe online.
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