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Formby High School’s motto ‘Determined to Achieve’ permeates all areas of school life and our Governors and staff are determined to provide the very best opportunities for our students and, where possible, to extend opportunities and services to our wider community beyond the school gates.  Indeed, the school has played a central role in the wider community for many years; our outreach programmes with local primary school children in sport, core subjects, languages, the arts and transition, have been hugely successful in supporting the early development of our younger residents and preparing them to thrive in secondary school education.  We also work with community partners of all ages through activities such as community lectures, performing arts shows, supporting local charities and clubs and facilities hire to sports and community clubs.  One key priority of our work is to deliver ways for our students to improve their health and well-being by supporting healthy lifestyles and offering more opportunities for them to achieve this.  We are keen to find ways to extend this to members of our wider community, giving them local and easy access to high quality facilities.  With this in mind, and through working closely with Sefton Council, Formby Parish Council and indeed our school community, we have established that residents of Formby have long sought access to better sporting facilities for all ages in the local community, in particular a local 3G playing pitch.  You will find information on this page about our proposed plans to develop such a facility.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Below are some of the more frequently asked questions about this project; please click the + to reveal the answers.

A 3G pitch is an artificial grass pitch that is being used increasingly throughout the United Kingdom and beyond to play football.  It allows for play throughout the year and in most weather conditions.

There is currently no full size 3G football pitch in Sefton.  The school has existing playing fields, set within extensive grounds, and changing facilities.  The school is accessible to the local community and has a strong reputation for sport.  It is ambitious to develop its sports facilities, not just to benefit students at FHS but also the wider community.

The FA are ambitious to deliver 3G pitches across the country and, through the Football Foundation, have made funds available to support community based 3G pitches to promote grass roots football and increase access to high quality facilities.  Through their national audit of existing football pitches, they have identified a particular need for full sizes 3G pitches in Sefton.

Formby High School will apply for funding to the Football Foundation and is currently seeking other sources of income in order to achieve the £650,000 required to deliver the project.

The 3G pitch will be used primarily for football, in school hours and during evenings, weekends and school holidays.  It is possible to play other sports on a 3G pitch.  However, it will not have a shock pad so cannot be used for rugby.

The pitch will be available for community use during evenings, weekends and school holidays. We anticipate at these times that local football clubs will take advantage of the facility but it will also be available for wider community use. In addition, we expect other local schools will want to make use of the pitch at certain times.

We have looked at these issues very carefully and are confident that there will be minimal light and noise pollution. Improvements in floodlight technology and the planned installation of a sound barrier will considerably reduce pollution levels.

The pitch will be accessible via the main school entrance on Freshfield Road.  There are currently over 100 parking spaces on the school campus which, our forecasts indicate, is adequate for community use and there should be no reason why pitch users will park on neighbouring roads.

There will be an increase in traffic on Freshfield Road during non-peak hours. Facility users will be reminded to adhere to the 20mph speed limit and drive with consideration when arriving and departing Formby High School.

The facility will not be available for public use during school hours unless by prior arrangement for safeguarding reasons.  The school currently hosts regular sports fixtures and has clear arrangements in place to allow teams from other schools to access the site.  These arrangements will be applied in the future to visiting schools who are using the 3G pitch.

The 3G pitch will be made available for use by all other Formby schools by prior arrangement during school hours.

The facility will not be available for public use during school hours and, as per the existing arrangements for public use, groups that use the 3G pitch will be expected to adhere to the school’s safeguarding arrangements.

It is anticipated the facility will be made available from 5pm to 9:30pm on Monday to Friday and during the daytime at the weekend.

The facility will be open throughout the year with the exception of bank holidays and the Christmas period.

It will be managed by Formby High School who will be responsible for letting and maintaining the facility. As part of its responsibility for maintaining the pitch, the school will set aside a sum of money each year to enable the pitch to be upgraded in the future.

The facility will be owned by Formby High School.

We hope to offer football and other activities to older residents, including walking football.

We hope to offer football and other activities to people with disabilities and will work with local organisations to determine our offer.

The overall cost to deliver the 3G pitch facility is £650,000.

This project has been initiated by Formby High School who has sought other partners to work alongside, including the Football Association.

As mentioned above, provision is included to ensure that funds are set aside annually to cover the future pitch replacement costs. We understand that the life expectancy of a 3G pitch is about 10 years.

The Formby High School site will enable access to 3G technology without damaging the natural environment (no impact on trees or existing green public spaces) and will use existing facilities to support the 3G pitch (parking, changing rooms).

The pitch will enable students of FHS to access high quality 3G facilities and improve their sports education experience and extra-curricular activities. Due to firm controls on public access and hours of use, there will be no significant operational impact on the school.

Formby High School will apply for funding to the Football Foundation and is currently seeking other sources of income in order to achieve the £650,000 required to deliver the project.

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Reference Information 

Below are some key reference documents relating to this proposed project development: