Attainment and Target Setting

Key Stage 3

Year 7 students will be set aspirational end of KS3 targets in the second half of the Autumn term.  Targets will be calculated based on a broad range of information including KS2 SATs results, KS2 teacher assessments, CATs, base line assessments completed in the first part of the Autumn term and the ongoing teacher assessment during lessons.  Targets are communicated to parents formally via letter.

Historically, targets and attainment measures were set using National Curriculum levels; however, they are now determined using Attainment Steps.  The skills, knowledge and understanding that are required at each step are mapped out for each subject in the form of Attainment Step descriptors.  For students to attain a particular Attainment Step, they need to demonstrate that they have mastered the particular skills and have a secure understanding and knowledge base.

Our goal is for each student to gain a deep understanding of the key elements at each step within each subject area, rather than cover large of amounts of content superficially.  The drive to master key skills will not only provide a more purposeful learning experience but will also support students to achieve their full potential.  In all subjects, Attainment Steps have been developed as per the table below:

steps graphic_001

Subject Attainment Step descriptors are shared with students and are available to view by clicking here.  These descriptors provide a guide to the key skills, knowledge and understanding at each step rather than identifying all of the objectives and subject content that will be taught.

Attainment Step targets are based on each individual student and his/her prior attainment, strengths and particular areas for development in each subject.

Below is an indication of how KS3 Attainment Steps may relate to GCSE grades / numbers (this is a guide only).

steps equivalents_001

Key Stage 4

To reflect our aspirations and ambitions for each student, GCSE targets are set using challenging Fischer Family Trust (FFT) estimates that are in line with the top 5% of schools nationally.  We also consider each student’s KS2 SATs results, their progress and attainment across KS3 and our knowledge of the individual student.

Key Stage 5

In the Sixth Form, targets are set using ALPS (A Level Performance Systems) estimates, which allow us to challenge A Level and BTEC students with target grades in line with how students perform in the top 25% of post-16 providers nationally.

At all three key stages, targets will be reviewed regularly and, if necessary, adjusted to ensure they remain aspirational yet achievable.